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Tip 9 - Stewardship of the Body | Elizabeth Brooks

Tip 9 - Stewardship of the Body

Praise The Lord!

I’m Elizabeth Brooks with Effervescence. At Effervescence we believe that “Fitness Begins With Correct Thinking.” Today’s fitness and information tip is designed to encourage you on your road to a fitter and healthier lifestyle that includes exercise in your daily activities. We are the stewards of the bodies God has given us. A steward is one who manages another’s property. We are the property of God when we give our lives to Him and his Holy Spirit dwells in us. Regular exercise is intended to help us maintain the temple of the Holy Spirit and ready us to be used for His divine plan and purpose.

Increased muscular strength, increased bone density, decreased body fat and body weight are just a few of the benefits of a regular exercise program! Stay on the road toward making 2006 your year of physical transformation through exercise.

Hear the audio:


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